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Who we are

Established in 2001, Jade Consult is an ISO certified private consulting company specialized in the field of hydropower, transmission lines, roads, water resources and irrigation and, environmental & social studies of various infrastructure development projects.  We are registered with the Department of Industries (Reg. No. 15037), Government of Nepal, under the Company Act 2053. The firm is certified with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and hence ensures quality services to the best satisfaction of it’s clients.

Since 2001, highly competent staffs of Jade have been providing comprehensive, and integrated solutions to all the segments of the hydropower, transmission line, roads, water resources, and other infrastructure development sectors. We offer our clients with exceptionally detailed industry knowledge and engineering services.

Our Accomplishments so far

  • High voltage (400 kV) transmission line in high altitude (2,716 m), Tamakoshi (Khimti) – Kathmandu TL Project.
  • First major storage-type hydroelectric project, Budhigandaki HEP (1200 MW).
  • Detailed design of the highest dam (263 m) in Nepal, Budhigandaki HEP.
  • Supervision of construction of the 400 kV Transmission line project, Hetauda-Dhalkebar-Inaruwa 400 kV TL Project.
  • Prepare the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for the 400 kV Transmission Line, SJVN Arun-3 Power Development Company Pvt. Ltd.
  • Supervision of construction and commissioning of 220 kV Power Substation, Dhalkebar Substation.
  • Largest foreign direct investment (FDI) in the hydropower sector in Nepal to date, Upper Trishuli-1 HEP.
  • Supervision of construction and commissioning of the 220 kV Transmission Line Project, Khimti – Dhalkebar TL Project.

Jade has strong qualifications to provide consultancy services for feasibility studies, detailed design, construction supervision, and other allied studies of infrastructure development projects including hydropower, transmission line, roads, water resources, and irrigation projects. We also provide other allied services such as Initial Environment Examination (IEE), Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (EIA/SIA), Resettlement Action Planning (RAP), Indigenous People Development Planning (IPDP), and other socio-environmental studies of hydropower and transmission line projects.

Jade has been involved in projects financed by various bilateral and multilateral donors and financing institutions such as Asian Development Bank (ADB), The World Bank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), KfW, JICA, European Investment Bank (EIB), and International Finance Corporation (IFC).  

Jade has outstanding experience of working with government bodies in the energy sector in Nepal such as the Ministry of Energy, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), and the Department of Electricity Development (DOED). Jade has also successfully provided its services to the best satisfaction of various private, public, and semi-government-owned entities involved in hydropower development in Nepal.

Our Values

Working with the clients

We’re on a journey to devise our ways to create a positive impact through every decision required every day to create value for our clients in helping them to navigate risks and opportunities that arise from solving sustainability challenges.

More than just doing the right thing

To us, being responsible in our business means managing our operations with ethics and integrity and recognizing that our responsibilities extend into our value chain. But more than that – we understand that the most significant societal contribution we make is through the work we do every day. It also means recognizing our responsibilities, and opportunity to influence for positive change.

Quality Policy

We are committed to provide an excellent consultancy services for hydropower, transmission line, road, irrigation, and other civil structure projects in national as well as international market. We ensure the best quality services, complying with the statutory and regulatory norms as well as requirements of our quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard so that we fulfill the expectations of our customers and to increase the satisfaction level our clients.


The highest level of integrity in our work is fundamental to who we are. We give utmost importance to our reputation for which we follow ethical principles and are strongly committed to sustainable and responsible business practices.

Outstanding value to markets and clients

We play a pivotal role in helping our clients operate more effectively in reaching their goals. We consider our part in their success as a privilege and are willing to provide constant vigilance and unrelenting commitment it requires.

Our main objective is to render high level technical and professional consultancy services in the field of hydropower, transmission lines, road, irrigation, and other infrastructure projects.

Jade Consult stands on the belief that passing on sound judgement and advices to our clients will contribute to successful completion of the projects.