We are involved in over three dozen hydro power projects totaling up to 4140MW capacity at different stages of  development. We provide all necessary technical support to hydropower developers.

Completed Projects

1: Manang Marsyangdi HPP (144 MW)
2: Saptang Khola Small HPP (2.5 MW)
3: Lower Barun Khola HPP (132 MW)
4: Jawa Khola HPP (17MW)
5: Bheri-1 HPP (270MW)
6: Budhi Gandaki HEP (1200MW)
7: Upper Lapche HPP (55MW)
8: Karuwa Seti HPP (32MW)
9: Upper Marshyangdi-III HEP
10: Upper Marshyangdi-II HEP
11: Upper Modi HPP
12: Low Head Kaligandaki HPP
13: Chere Khola HPP
14: Saptang Khola HPP
15: Tila HPP
16: Talkot Seti HEP
17: Lower Arun HPP
18: Rawa Khola HPP
19: Deku Khola HPP

Five Dams in Dang Valley
1: Vitri Dam      2: Gwar Dam
3: Balim Dam   4: Vutiya Dam
5: Ranighat Dam

Ongoing Projects

i: Ankhu Khola HPP (34 MW)
ii: Upper Chameliya HPP (60 MW)
iii: Kabeli-3 HEP (21.93MW)
iv: Likhu-A HPP (24.2MW)
v: Lower Tadi Khola HPP (5MW)
vi: Upper Trishuli-1 HPP (216MW)
vii: Budhi Gandaki Nadi HEP (91.17MW)
viii: Nyadi HPP (30MW)
ix: Upper Seti HPP (20MW)
x: Chhujung Khola HPP (48MW)
xi: Simbuwa Khola HPP (70.3 MW)
xii: Upper Khudi HPP (21.21 MW)
xiii: Sapsup Khola Small HPP (6.6 MW)
xiv: Isuwa Khola HPP (97.2 MW)
xv: BAP for Tamakoshi V HEP (99.8MW)
xvi: SESD for Tamakoshi V HEP (99.8MW)
xvii: Kaligandaki Storage HPP (844MW)